Bathroom Faucets Guide

Bathroom faucets may appear and sound like simple fixture, but the amount of functionality it carries cannot be compared to any other fixture in the bathroom space. It is the most used fixture in the bathroom. Faucets are designed in various shapes, sizes, and patterns to be productive and to suit modern interior architectures.

We reached out to experts at Faucets Reviews to get tips on bathroom faucets. material, finish, mounting type, handle, and operation are enumerated in the article to help you get a thorough knowledge before you make a purchase.

Bathroom Faucets Guide

Everything that revolves around a bathroom faucet has been outlined.

1. Material

Various kinds of materials are used to manufacture bathroom faucets. Manufacturers are trying their hands on various materials to check their suitability and functionality.

  • Stainless steel – One of the wisest materials to choose for a bathroom faucet as the natural properties of the metal will help to retain the new look for a long time. Stainless steel is an ideal choice for any model of bathroom as they actively fight against rust and corrosion
  • Brass – A mixture of copper and zinc to provide the advantages of both metals. Brass faucets are structured in various shapes as they are highly malleable. Brass faucets stand against bacteria and other germs thus protecting the entire family
  • Zinc is another rare metal that has broken the myth and has been a perfect choice for modern bathrooms. Zinc has a natural property to retain a fresh and new look for a long time. Faucets made of zinc are also highly durable and they carry the natural properties of guarding against germs
  • Plastic – One of the highly functional materials that are affordable and easily adaptable to any kind of environment. Plastic faucets are designed and structured in various shapes and sizes. These faucets are against rust and corrosion
  • Copper – If you are aiming to offer a rustic yet modern look to your bathroom, copper will be a perfect choice. The look and feel of the metal can be retained like new for a long time. Copper can withstand temperature changes and fight against germs

2. Finish

The final appearance of the faucet entirely depends on the finish. The bathroom faucet can also be chosen according to the interior decor.

  • Chrome finish – An outstanding glossy finish to the faucets can be achieved by investing in a faucet with a chrome finish. Faucets of chrome finish are easy to maintain and also throw a modern look to the entire space
  • Nickel finish – Brushed nickel and polished nickel are the widely used variants. If you are looking for a matte finish faucet, a brushed nickel faucet can be purchased. A polished nickel faucet has a smooth and shining finish
  • Matte finish – Matte faucets are one of the widely preferred finishes. They help in achieving a modish look and are also easy to maintain. They have the potential to last a long time

3. Mounting Type

Faucets can be chosen according to the mounting type. Ensure to check with your plumber before purchasing one because not all mounting types will be suitable for types of sinks.

  • Wall mount – Faucets are directly mounted to the wall which helps to save space. Minimal fixtures are one of the most significant advantages of wall-mount faucets. They make cleaning easier and also offer more room in the sink for large vessels
  • Deck mount – Faucets that are mounted on the countertop are deck-mount faucets. They help in achieving a modish and sleek appearance as they are placed on a horizontal surface

4. Handles

Count of handles in the faucet can be chosen according to your lifestyle need. The widely used count in a faucet is one, two, and three-handled faucets.

  • Single-handled faucets – As the name suggests, these faucets arrive with a single handle. Single-handle faucets will be an ideal choice for compact areas
  • Double-handle faucet – Two-handled faucets to meet demands and satisfy expectations. These faucets arrive with multiple functionalities such as temperature control and the faster filling of tubs

5. Operation

The ways of operating a faucet have been made seamless with innovations and technology. A bathroom faucet can also be chosen according to the modes of operating them. You can also check out the best bathroom faucets reviews sites to learn more about this.

  • Touchless faucet – These faucets are designed to operate without manually touching the faucet handles. Water flow can be initiated by voice, a wave of a hand, or through a mobile application. Custom commands can be added to operate the faucets swiftly. For instance, commands such as fill the tub, and extract water at the temperature of 90 degrees can be pre-loaded to ease the process
  • Touch faucet – These faucets are designed to activate the water flow by manually touching the faucet on the spout or handle. The faucet can be touched either by the hand or elbow. This prevents the faucets from getting dirty because of messy hands


Hope our article on bathroom faucets was an eye-opener and helped you gain a complete understanding of everything related to bathroom faucets. If you have any questions relating to the same, feel free to get in touch with us.

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