Top 6 Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks of 2024

Undermount kitchen sinks are a great choice as they do not have any visible mounting deck to collect food and debris. The sink is installed beneath the counter, creating a seamless appearance because there is no rim from the sink that sits on the countertop.

However, finding the best undermount kitchen sinks is not so easy when you have a sea of options.

Fortunately that’s where we come in.

We reviewed the top 6 best undermount kitchen sinks according to price, bowl count, warranty, and various factors. There is a comparison table, detailed reviews of each sink, and a buying guide in this article to help you make the best choice.

Reviews of the Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks of 2024

1. Kraus KHF200-30 Standart PRO Kitchen Sink

Kraus Khf200-30 is one of the best stainless steel sinks that allows you to wash large dishes easily. It is built with a heavy-duty 16-gauge structure with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel material. This sink requires only a 33-inch cabinet, saving valuable kitchen space. It measures 30 inches wide and 10 inches deep, making it large enough to hold plates and pots stacked on top of each other.

A stainless-steel bottom grid, a 3-piece basket filter, and a kitchen towel are included. This sink’s sound is muffled by thick rubber dampening pads and stone guard undercoating. When glassware is placed in the sink, the angle is optimized to prevent falling. This best undermount kitchen sink has a contemporary appearance and rounded corners for easy cleaning. Additionally, it comes with a free basket strainer drain assembly and stainless steel bottom grid

Main Features

  • Superior sound insulation technology with padding at roughly 80% of the sink eliminates noise generated by metal utensils.
  • NoiseDefend soundproofing technology with thick pads
  • Non-toxic undercoating increases insulation.
  • Optimally angled bottom for improve drainage
  • Soft protective bumpers cushion for the bottom grid to prevent scratching.

Available size: 30”, 33” & 36”

Installation: ‎Farmhouse/apron front

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty


  • Reduces condensation
  • Protection from bumps
  • Scratch resistant
  • Long-lasting use
  • Soundproof technology


  • Water spot issues

2. Ruvati Undermount Kitchen Sink

This single-bowl model from Ruvati could be a good option for anyone looking for a classy-looking undermount kitchen sink at an affordable price point. These best stainless steel sinks have a large rectangular bowl in a modern and linear style. It is made of T-304 stainless steel, which is durable and long-lasting. They’re 37% thicker than most standard kitchen sinks, and they’re built to last. The brushed steel finish on this prep sink is long-lasting. Inside corners with a 10mm radius offer a slightly curved corner for easy cleaning.

They have low partition which gives you more room to do dishes and load large pots. This best stainless steel kitchen sink eliminates the need to lift dishes high into the air to move them from one side of the sink to the other. The sink, bottom rinse grid, basket strainer drain, decorative drain cover, installation guide, and other items are included in the box. Overall, the solid undercoating and smooth satin finish make it ideal for contemporary kitchens.

Main Features

  • Sink includes a bottom rinse grid and basket
  • Embedded inside the bowls are 10mm tight radius corners for easy cleaning
  • Water drains through the drainage grooves in the basin, keeping the sink dry and clean

Available size: 21x18x10”, 12”, 13x15x8”, 14x18x8”, 16x18x8”, 23x18x10”, 26x18x10”, 27”, 28x19x10”, 30x18x10”, 32x19x10”, 33x19x10” & 35”

Installation: Undermount

Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty


  • Modern style
  • Easy to clean
  • Prevents water flow
  • Drain cover included


  • Susceptible to rust

3. Kraus KHU100-32 Standart PRO Kitchen Sink

Are you looking for a sink with more room to wash big pots and long cutting boards without getting splashed? The Kraus Standart PRO is a viable option. This sink is the best undermount kitchen sink that has unmatched strength and durability because it is dent, corrosion and rust-resistant.

The bottom has a sloped gradient to ensure that all water drains and no standing water remains in the sink. This best undermount kitchen sink can also be used as a drying rack and for stacking pots and pans.

Main Features

  • NoiseDefend soundproofing and extra-thick pads
  • Commercial-grade satin finish resists rust and corrosion and goes with most kitchen appliances
  • Extra-thick pads cover over 80% of the sink, and a non-toxic undercoating provides superior noise protection

Available size: 10”, 13”, 14”, 17”, 21”, 23”, 24”, 25”, 26”, 27”, 28”, 30”, & 32”

Installation: Undermount

Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty


  • Contemporary design
  • Long-lasting use
  • Easy to clean corners
  • Durability


  • Incompatible drain assembly

4. Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322BK0C Undermount Sink Kit

If you want a sink that will blend in with your kitchen design, this Elkay Quartz Classic will be a perfect fit. This best undermount kitchen sink design provides more room for dishwashing and stacking. The quartz material is not only elegant and luxurious, but it is also naturally soundproof. Plus it is scratch, chip, and heat-resistant, so no worries about warping.

This single basin sink will be the focal point of your kitchen, whether it’s shabby chic or ultra-modern. Stacking dishes, filling stockpots, and handling large baking sheets and roasters are all easy with this large capacity bowl. The sink is installed beneath the countertop for a seamless appearance, and a minimum cabinet length of 36 inches is required. Overall, this best stainless steel sinks will blend seamlessly with any kitchen design.

Main Features

  • Sink is concealed beneath the countertop, giving it a seamless appearance
  • Heat resistant material can withstand banging, chipping, and scratches
  • Bowl provides uninterrupted space for dishwashing, stacking, and other household tasks
  • Food and liquid will not stick to the surface due to the ultrafine, nonporous structure

Available size: 33”

Installation: Undermount

Warranty: Contact customer service


  • Sleek design
  • Easy installation
  • Stain-resistant
  • Heat & scratch resistant
  • Hygiene protection


  • Some may face drainage issues

5. KOHLER Prolific Kitchen Sink

If you prefer a single bowl undermount sink, then the Kohler Prolific is the best choice. This best kitchen sink is handcrafted from 18 gauge stainless steel that has an amazing aesthetic appeal, durability, and longevity. With the Prolific sink and its accessories, you can create a highly functional kitchen workstation through the arrangement, accessories stack, and slide-on ledges. A bamboo cutting board, grated racks, wash bin, and colander are included in the sink.

Sink’s grated ledges allow you to position your accessories at any height to create your kitchen workspace. All necessary installation hardware is included. This best stainless-steel sink is welded with three levels of basin ledges, allowing you to position all the workstation items for maximum efficiency as you work.

Main Features

  • Center drain allows for optimal drainage
  • Equipped with a unique cone-shaped drain for easy cleanup
  • SilentShield sound absorption for less noise is also included
  • Three graduated ledges in the basin allow you to position accessories to your liking
  • Beveled cone-shaped basin slopes into the drain, making debris disposal simple

Available size: 33”, 23”, 29” & 44”

Installation: Undermount

Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty


  • Durable material
  • Functional design
  • Cone-shaped drains
  • Maximum efficiency


  • Scratch issues

6. Kraus KGUW2-30MBL Bellucci Workstation Kitchen Sink

You can buy the Kraus Bellucci if you’re looking for a contemporary and unique look. With custom accessories that save space on the kitchen counter, you can work directly over the sink, streamlining everything from meal prep to cleanup. This best stainless steel sink creates a seamless transition from countertop to sink, allowing you to wipe spills directly into the sink without worrying about food particles trapped by the exposed mounting rim.

A cutting-edge granite sink has a hard, smooth, compact, and nonporous surface, which reduces the number of hiding places for waste particles and contributes to a cleaner kitchen. The slope is optimized to prevent fragile glassware from tipping. A dishwasher-safe stainless steel dish rack with non-slip silicone is ideal for rinsing and drying dishes right over the sink. This best kitchen sink has a high-capacity rear offset drain and a continuous surface to place large cookware and stacks of dishes.

Main Features

  • Nonporous material and thermal shock resistance, prevents food and liquid from sticking to the sink surface
  • Sinks with a large capacity and an o-set drain for a more uninterrupted workspace
  • FlipCap gives drainpipe a clean look while keeping it clear of debris

Available size: 30”, 32”, & 33”

Installation: Undermount

Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty


  • Deep and spacious bowls
  • Long-lasting use
  • Avoid spills
  • Prevent scratches


  • Water spot issues

Buying Guide for the Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Check out the key features, tips, and tricks to assist you in purchasing the best kitchen sink.

1. Size

Will the sink fit in your kitchen? Because undermount sinks are installed directly into the work surface, precise measurements are required. Many undermount sinks are available in a variety of sizes. Just make sure you buy one that will fit the available space. Also, even if your work surface isn’t a constraint, you should consider the size of your kitchen when selecting a sink. If you choose a large one, it will stand out and make your kitchen appear smaller.

2. Material/Finish

Make certain that the sink you select is durable and corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel is a common and dependable material. Polished stainless steel is very appealing in the finish, but it also easily shows scratches. Brushed stainless steel has a duller appearance, but it does not show marks as much as shiny surfaces. You must weigh these options and decide which one is best for you.

3. Single/Double Bowl

A single bowl or double bowl sink is a matter of personal preference. Because no dividing line takes up space, a single bowl design is often better for washing pots, pans, and larger items. However, you can’t separate your dishes as easily.

A double bowl sink is ideal if you prefer or need to wash your dishes by hand. With two bowls, you can multitask your sink by keeping your dirty dishes on one side and meal prep on the other without allowing either to contact the other. These are the factors you must consider before deciding what is best for your lifestyle.

4. Warranty

Considering the warranty is critical, as it is with most large-ticket items. You’ll want to ensure that you can get a refund or a replacement if something goes wrong with your sink. Since undermount sinks necessitate extensive prep work and precise counter-cutting, you want to ensure that the product you receive is of the highest quality.

5. Gauge

Stainless sinks of high quality are made of either 18-gauge or 16-gauge metal. It refers to the material’s thickness, with the lower number representing thicker metal.

Although 18-gauge stainless-steel sinks are tough and long-lasting, 16-gauge models are of higher quality and last longer.

6. Noise Abatement

When filled with water, metal sinks, in general, and undermount sinks, in particular, can make a lot of noise. Modern versions now include sound-dampening technology, so make sure to check this feature.

7. Installation

Sinks can be installed in a variety of ways. Top mount sinks are installed into a hole in the countertop, making them easier to install than undermount sinks, attached from below, inside your cabinet. The latter type of sink has a more seamless appearance. Which option you choose should be determined by whether or not you intend to install the sink yourself and how you want the final space to look.

8. Easy to clean

Sharp corners on a sink may look nice, but they will trap dirt and be more difficult to clean than rounded corners. Furthermore, drainage can be an issue because most undermount sinks have flat bottoms. The inclusion of X-grooves in the bottom can help with this. Consider how well and quickly a sink can be drained when making your selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to undermount a drop-in sink?

Undermount installation of drop-in sinks is not recommended. Drop-in sinks are not designed to be installed in this manner and may suffer from a lack of a proper seal, resulting in water running over the side and causing further issues.

2. How can I keep my sink from getting scratched?

Use a dish grid at the bottom of the basin to keep dishes, pots, and pans from scratching the sink. Also, when cleaning, avoid using harsh scrubs or hard materials.

3. What is the distinction between an undermount sink and a standard sink?

A standard or top mount sink is installed from above. Undermount sinks, on the other hand, are installed from below, resulting in no exposed lip. While this installation is more expensive, it has a sleeker and more modern appearance. Undermount sinks with a polished edge around the sink opening are commonly used with granite, marble, or quartz countertops. Furthermore, because there is no lip overhanging the counter to catch water and debris, undermount sinks are easier to clean.

4. Should I go with a single, double, or combination sink?

The sink is entirely dependent on your personal preferences and kitchen requirements. Double-bowl sinks are helpful for multitasking because each side is dedicated to a different task, such as washing and rinsing. Because a single-bowl sink lacks a divider, it can accommodate larger items such as large pots and platters. Consider how you use your sink the most when deciding which design is best for you.

5. Can these sinks be installed on the top?

In general, no. Because undermount sinks are intended to be installed beneath the counter, the rim that attaches to the sink is not designed to be visible above the countertop. Since it is designed to be hidden, this rim will not have a finished appearance.

6. Can an undermount sink be used with laminate countertops?

When it comes to laminate countertops, undermount sinks are not the best option. While installing an undermount sink on a laminate countertop is possible, it is dependent on what is beneath the laminate. There can’t be any exposed cuts if it’s particleboard because it’s not waterproof. Undermount sinks are generally recommended with a hard, waterproof countertop such as stone or granite.

7. Is there anything I should or should not use when cleaning my sink?

Please do your homework before cleaning your new sink with anything other than soap and water. Strong chemicals or abrasive cleaners can scratch or react differently with different sinks.


Whatever under-mount sink you choose, you will enhance and improve the functionality and aesthetic of your kitchen. Choosing the best undermount kitchen sink may appear to be a daunting task, but it is a decision that has the potential to transform the appearance of your kitchen as well as the way you use and interact with it.

As you can see, there are many features to consider when choosing an undermount sink, and all of the options listed above would look great in your kitchen. Consider the size and shape of your sink and the types of tasks you will be performing in it the most. The sinks are shown above the range in price, but they all have a modern appearance and quality materials.

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