How to Clean Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Faucets?

The kitchen and bathroom are the most sensitive part of a home, these are places where the whole family’s health is decided. You will probably use them many times, the kitchen is used for cooking and cleaning whereas the bathroom is used for bathing, brushing and so on. So these places must be cleaned regularly and deep cleaning is advised once a month.

Many of you will not take much care to clean or you’ll simply wipe them with water after using them. This will increase germ growth and exposure you to diseases due to unhygienic practices.

In this article, we have shared easy tips for cleaning your bathroom and kitchen sink faucets.

Tips For Cleaning Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Faucets

Know the material type

To start your cleaning process initially you must know the material type of your faucet. You can see the user manual of your faucet to know the type of material. This will help you choose appropriate cleaning materials. Some faucet materials need only mild soaps and liquids to clean, use according to that.

Materials for cleaning

Most of the cleaning items will be readily available at your home. Every one of you would probably have soap or detergent in your home. You can mix it with lemon or vinegar, but vinegar acts against dirt more quickly than lemon. Baking soda is also one of the most effective cleansers. Apart from these other cleaning materials are cleaning alcohol, abrasive, and non-abrasive cleaners. Along with these take a soft cloth or a sponge and the required amount of water before starting the session.

Methods to Clean Bathroom Sink Faucets

Step 1 – Wash your faucet with water after completing your daily activities. Then take some detergent or soap mixed with water, apply them throughout the faucet, and clean them.

Step 2 – Most of the dirt will be cleared in the previous process but still if there is some stubborn dirt on the edges of the hidden areas use soft brushes or a toothbrush and scrub through the edges and clean them.

Step 3 – As these are bathroom faucets there would be minerals sediment and tough dirt in the base area. Analyze them and use a vinegar solution or other abrasive cleaners to remove them completely.

Step 4 – Take a solution of vinegar with baking soda, apply them all over and you can soak your faucet wrapping with a cloth. Leave them for a few hours and brush the dirt after removing them. This enhances the outlook and keeps it safe from germs.

Methods to Clean Kitchen Sink Faucets

Step 1 – Start the process by taking warm water, as it quickly affects dirt. Dip the cloth in warm water and rub the faucet throughout the interior and outer areas.

Step 2 – Then take some soap or vinegar solution and initially apply them to some exterior parts for checking the acceptance status. After that apply it over the faucet and wipe them using a cloth or sponge.

Step 3 – As these are kitchen faucets there may be many sediments remaining on the edges. Look for them and rub them with baking soda or any store-available cleaning solutions. There are some cleaning sprays available for faucets which makes the process simple. Spray and wipe them with a sponge the dirt will be removed automatically.

Step 4 – Then thoroughly clean all the soaps and solution in the faucet with water, do not miss any corners or soapy areas as the unclean areas cause damage to the faucet. Wipe them completely with a soft microfiber cloth and dry them for some time.

Professional Services for Cleaning

Apart from self-cleaning, there are many professionals available for cleaning your kitchen and bathroom faucets. These professional services give deep cleaning and make your faucet free from germs. They have special tools and cleaning solutions for every type of faucet and give an enhanced appearance to it on cleaning. Not only for faucets they would tidy up all the places in your house.

Final words

Though the faucets are the same, the usage is varied in the bathroom and kitchen. You need to pay attention and clean them according to the material type and their usage. A cleaned kitchen and bathroom faucet keeps you away from all the dirt that is caused inside and comes from outside of your home. You can also teach your kids basic cleaning without introducing chemicals and make them learn at an initial age.

Clean your hands, vessels, and body along with the faucets, if you need to know anything more about kitchen and bathroom faucets, do look out for articles at Hope our article has helped you find the best cleaning methods to keep your faucets in good condition.

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