Bathtub Faucet Types

Deciding on the right bathtub faucet is a nerve-wracking task. Be it a modern or contemporary style bathroom, faucets are cardinal and have to suit the entire environment. Numerous variants of spouts are available for one to choose from.

In this article, you will be given an entire outline of the variants of bathtub faucets and also a guideline to choose them in accordance with the style of tubs and bathrooms by our expert team.

Types of Bathtub Faucets in 2024

1. Wall-mount faucet

Wall-mounted faucets are one of the popular faucet variants and one of the most suggested options when you are remodeling your bathroom space. These faucets are fitted when the bathtub is placed against the wall. The faucet is directly fitted on the wall space next to the bathtub. It usually comes with a spout and a handle on the outside.


  • Comes in various styles and finishes such as brass, stainless steel, and alloy
  • Doesn’t take up much space as it is directly fitted on the wall. The spout and the handles cover up only a small space
  • Affordable and also suitable for bathrooms that are re-modeled
  • Additional handles can be placed for hot and cold water
  • Needs no additional drilling. The spout takes up only a small area in the wall that requires no complicated drilling

2. Deck-mount faucet

Deck mount bathtub faucet

Deck-mounted faucets are one of the timeless fixtures that have been a favorite for bathtub lovers. They are mostly found in homes, hotels, and restaurants. The faucet is placed on the edge of the tub where there is enough room for rotation of the spout and handles. Plus, they can be attached directly to the bathtub rather than to the wall.


  • One of the most sought-after by house owners because they don’t need any drilling on the walls
  • Installation of the faucet is simple
  • Easy to repair or replace. As the faucet is installed on the deck, operating the lines on the deck is only done. There is no need to break open the walls for repair purposes
  • Comes with various types of finishes such as brushed nickel, gold, polished chrome, etc

3. Floor-mount faucet

Floor mount bathtub faucet

Floor-mounted faucets add elegance and a touch to the complete bathroom space. The sleek finish of these faucets makes the area look luxurious. These faucets are long and slim which adds extra gracefulness to the bathroom. Unique designs are available for you to choose from a wide range of faucet styles. These faucets are also resistant to corrosion and tarnishing.


  • Variant that is perfect for large bathrooms
  • Tubs are usually placed in the center space where floor-mounted faucets are a comfortable option
  • Installation of these faucets requires professional help
  • Brass, or nickel is the most common finish available

4. Single-hole faucet

The single-hole faucet will be a great choice if you are looking for a variant that is affordable, fancy, and occupies less space. It has a single spout and a handle that allows you to rotate it. The handle is usually equipped with the technique that provides hot water when turned in one direction and cold water in the other.


  • Easy to install as only one hole needs to be drilled into the wall
  • Maintainance of the faucet is simple
  • Occupies less space which allows room for other fixtures
  • Available in brass, bronze, and nickel finish

5. Three-hole faucet

Three hole bathtub faucets

As the name explains, three-hole faucets come with two handles and a spout. It is one of the most common variants used in all types of tubs. The level of convenience offered by a three-hole faucet is unmatchable. The long-lasting property of the variant makes them the priority option for most tub users. You will get to experience high-quality craftsmanship in a three-hole faucet.


  • Affordable variant
  • Installation of the faucet is simple
  • Water flow is easy to control as there are two separate handles for hot and cold water
  • Available in brass and stainless steel finish

6. Widespread three-piece faucet

A new-fashioned look with ample space to place other fixtures between the handles is offered by the widespread three-piece faucet. It comes with a spout and two handles. A distance of 12 inches from each handle makes it look modish and will be a perfect addition to your tub. One of the affordable options with numerous choices available to go per your bathtub style and bathroom environment.


  • Provides more space for placing other bathtub fixtures like soap, sprayers, and showers
  • Easy maintenance
  • Suitable for all types of bathtubs
  • Available in brushed nickel, matte black, and brass

7. Spout-only faucet

As the name gives a self-explanation, the spout-only faucet comes only with a spout. If you are remodeling or considering changing your faucet, the spout-only faucet is a great choice. As only the spout needs to be changed, no heavy plumbing or drilling goes into the installation of this faucet. The variant can withstand high water pressure flow that will make the product last longer.


  • Installation of the faucet is easy
  • Heavy drilling is not needed
  • Maintenance of the faucet is simple
  • Available in matte, chrome, and stainless steel finishes

8. Roman faucet

If being traditional yet classic is your style, then a roman faucet is your pick. Recreating the colonial Rome bath faucets, the roman faucet elevates the overall look of your bathtub. The arched spout looks appealing and gives a luxurious touch to your bathroom. You can take your relaxation hour to the next level by ending up in a roman faucet.


  • Quality of artisans involved in producing roman faucets is exceptionally high and is reflected in the product’s life span
  • Distinct styles are available
  • Easy to install
  • Finishes include brushed nickel, brass, and chrome

9. Vintage faucet

Another variant that will quench your traditional yet chic faucet thirst is the vintage faucet. These faucets look like the faucets from the victorian era. The overall look is supplemented by the aid of the shower resembling the rotatory phones of the old times. The handles and other fixtures are also similar to that of the ancient period. These faucets are not only stylish but also equally durable.


  • Vintage faucets are easy to install and maintain
  • Many styles are available in the option. You can grab one that suits your tub and bathroom layout
  • All units are connected to the main mixer tap which makes the faucet look vibrant and elegant
  • Available in stainless steel and brass finish

10. Waterfall faucet

The flow of water from this faucet gives a resemblance to a waterfall. This simple yet classic faucet has a wide spout that helps in filling the tub faster. The design of the faucets is in a way that suits any model of bathroom environment and also elevates the overall look of your bathroom. Manufacturers have come up with innovations such as touchless technologies in this variant.


  • Touchless faucets with motion sensors are available in a few models of waterfall faucets
  • Maintenance of the faucet is simple
  • Rate of water flow is comparatively higher
  • Available in ceramic, and stainless steel finish

11. Spout with diverter valve faucet

This faucet model comes with a spout and a diverter to direct the flow of water. The variant will be of high use if you have installed a shower along with your spout in the bathtub. The diverter aids the flow of water between the spout and the shower without any hindrances. It also maintains the pressure of water which will increase the lifetime of the product. In case of any defects in the diverter valve, you can change it separately instead of changing the whole piece.


  • Cost of the spout with a diverter valve is affordable
  • Saves space as no separate drilling is required. The valve comes attached to the spout itself
  • Installation of the faucet is simple
  • Available in chrome finish

12. Centerset spread faucet

If you are concerned about saving more space in your tub or wall, then a centerset spread faucet will serve the purpose. The centerset spread faucet comes with a spout and mixer taps. A distance of 4 inches from each other is allowed between the spout and the handles. A wide array of choices of centerset spread bathtub faucets are available in the market.


  • Mixer taps in the faucet help in the uniform pressure flow of water
  • Does not take up much space
  • Easy to install
  • Finish includes matt, chrome, and stainless steel

13. Wideset spread faucet

The wideset spread usually features a spout and two handles that are the mixer taps. The temperature of the water is maintained with the help of a mixer tap. There is a distance of about 12 inches between the components which allows room for fixtures such as soap holders and showers. A more modish look is achieved by the provision of space between the handles.


  • Distance between the handles and the spout allows cleaning the area easily
  • Makes the space look elegant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Available in brass finish

14. Minispread faucet

A mini spread faucet is more similar to a wideset spread faucet but the only difference is the distance between the handles. The distance between the handles is approximately 7-8 inches making the fixture compact. It does not occupy much space in the tub as it is manufactured with the sole aim to save space for other fixtures. This makes the space appear elegant and classy.


  • Easy to install
  • Handle comes with all the essential components such as mixer taps, so there is no necessity to invest in the components separately
  • Maintenance of the faucet is easy
  • Available in chrome, brass, and brushed nickel

15. Vessel filler faucet

Vessel filler faucets are tall, and sleek and elevate the look of the bathroom. It adds a luxurious touch to the tub and will go with any style of bathroom space, be it traditional or modern. This is one of the top priorities when you are looking for something stylish and functional. They are comparatively economical for the value it provides.


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable variant
  • Maintenance of the faucet is quite simple
  • Available in brushed nickel and chrome finish

16. Single-handle faucet

Single-handled faucet uses a single lever to control the flow of water and the water temperature which is less space-consuming. The faucet appears modish and will suit any environment. Durability factors of this faucet are also high and have a longer life span when maintained in a proper way.


  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Does not require heavy drilling
  • Available in chrome and stainless steel

17. Bridge faucet

The bridge faucet features two separate handles. Each handle is connected to the main spout by means of the bridge pattern where cold and hot water flows via the handles. Sleek, modern, and unique faucet design that will make your bathtub appear classic. The water flow rate is comparatively higher which helps in filling the tub faster.


  • Installation of the faucet is easy
  • Maintainance is simple
  • Allows to place soap dispensers in the center space between the two handles
  • Available in brushed nickel and chrome

Points to Keep in Mind Before Buying the Right Bathtub Faucet

  • Choose the faucet that goes well with your bathroom decor and the tub style. The entire look of the bathroom space will turn negative if you end up with an inappropriate faucet
  • Flow of water in the faucet should be good. Faucets with a lesser flow will take time to fill the tub which will lead to a waste of time
  • Cost of a bathtub faucet should also be considered before choosing the faucet. Some faucets may cost high which may be a burden on your shoes. Fixing the budget prior is advisable
  • Spout height should be noted before picking the faucet. The height should not be a hindrance to the flow of water and to placing other fixtures
  • If you are remodeling the bathroom space or replacing the bathtub faucet, make a note of the already existing holes on the wall or on the tub
  • Don’t buy a faucet only for looks. Eye-catchy faucets may not be functional sometimes

Bathtub Faucet Types: Which is Best for You?

Faucets Type

Suitable For

Wall-mount faucets

Corner tubs

Alcove tubs.

Deck-mount faucets

Japanese style tubs

Soup bowl tubs

Floor-mount faucets

Freestanding tubs

Garden tubs

Single hole faucets

All model of tubs

Three-hole faucets

All model of tubs

Roman faucet

Corner tubs

Jacuzzi tubs

Vintage faucet

Claw-foot tubs

Free-standing tubs

Waterfall faucet

Jetted tubs

Air tubs

Center-spread faucet

Drop-in tubs

Standard tubs

Vessel filler faucet

Alcove tub

Drop-in tub

Bridge faucet

Clawfoot tub

Single handle faucet

Standard tubs

Hot tubs


A bathtub faucet is an essential fixture that elevates the overall look and adds value to the bathtub. Considering the cost and the style are essential but other factors such as the flow rate, materials used to manufacture the faucet, and durability should also be kept in mind while choosing the bathtub faucet.

Our experts have worked on all the bathtub faucet types available and have provided you with all the essentials you need to consider before choosing a bathtub faucet. We hope our article has served the purpose well and helped you choose the right fixture for your bathroom space.

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