Best Water Faucet Filters You Should Buy In 2024

There are numerous types of best faucet water filters on the market. But faucet mount filters are one of the most comfortable, affordable, easy-to-use, and simple-to-install filtration systems available. They connect to your existing kitchen faucet without requiring any plumbing, or drilling.

This article covers almost every best faucet water filter available in the market carefully selected by our experts. We’ve also compared the key features of the filtration systems for you to understand the product. Give this article a read and pick what suits your kitchen.

Reviews of the Best Faucet Water Filters of 2024

1. Brita Faucet Water Filter

Brita Faucet Water Filter


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Indicator to change filter


  • Plastic could be better
  • Knob is hard to turn

Brista’s Basic Faucet Filtration System is one the leading water filters that disburse pure and natural water to your glass directly. Things to be noted is the faucet doesn’t have a spray style. Also this faucet gives a significant taste and purity to your drinking water. As all your edibles will be in better taste and be washed with this water filter. The installation procedure is straightforward. Seat the strainer connection point flat against the head on male-threaded faucets, then twist the black plastic ring to tighten the filter to the faucet. The connection point has a wire mesh in the center of it. No need for concern! Just set up the filter as usual. The mesh should be in place and ideally aligned between the filter and the tap. Use the plastic adapters with the shipping carton to mount the filter if your faucet has a female thread. Brista system has a fantastic sediment system, once that reaches the level of sand they alert us that we might drink it. You can push heavily chlorinated water through the Brita Basic filter until it is chlorine-free.Barista faucets have the three spray option that gives unfiltered spray, unfiltered water, filtered water. Having options is convenient since you can quickly flip between them. These are simple to identify the cartridge in filter replacement. Overall, you will be pleased with the Brita Basic filter’s use. Once the installation is complete, all you need to do to get running water or tap water will turn the tap valve handle back and forth. The filter will not slide on the faucet when in use since the filter attachment collar is sturdy and secure once attached to the faucet.

Finish types: White and chrome.

Installation: This filtration system can be easily installed and no tools are required.

Warranty: 30-days unlimited and 100% money-back guarantee

Compatability: This Brita model is a standard faucet and is not suitable for pull-out or spray-style faucets.

2. PUR Plus Filtration System

PUR Plus Filtration System
  • Mineral core technology
  • Eliminates 70 contaminants
  • Easy to install
  • Customer service can be better

Because of its low cost, quick installation, and simple cartridge replacement, the horizontal faucet mount in the PUR Plus is one of the finest faucet water filters. This filter is on the top as they filter over many contaminants over 99% lead, 96% mercury, 92% pesticides. This filtration system was simple to install and screwed right onto my kitchen sink faucet, almost as if it were for it. Getting it running took around five minutes. The PUR Plus PFM350V is comprised entirely of plastic, which we often don’t like because of durability issues. The slim, contemporary shape and the plastic housing’s slate gray hue make it the ideal fit for designer kitchens, but its design is what won us over. The filter container has a distinctive design as well. The wide, bulbous filter compartment lies horizontally when the filter is put on the faucet vertically to other filters we’ve tried. It indicates that the filter does not prevent you from using the tap. The number of pollutants this faucet filter removes from tap water is its best feature. The PUR did admirably in this test, as was to be expected. We run water that has been severely chlorinated more than 10mg/L of chlorine through a filter, and then we collect the clean water that emerges. A test kit gives a value of close to 0 mg/l for the water PFM350V had filtered, indicating nearly complete filtration extremely simple to clean, extending the filtration system’s lifespan. Just take the item apart and clean and check it properly. It is simple to reassemble and place after you get finished. Thanks to a completely dependable filter cartridge, the PUR Faucet Mount System eliminates over 70 types of hazardous impurities from tap water. With that, we had a sturdy machine to avoid the drinking water supply of pesticides, lead, and chlorine.

Finish type: Stainless steel

Installation: This faucet filter can be easily mounted and no tools are required.

Warranty: Contact customer support for warranty information.

Compatibility: This faucet filter does not fit pull-out or hand-held faucets.

3. Waterdrop Faucet Water Filter

Waterdrop Faucet Water Filter
  • Superior filtration
  • Certified quality product
  • Easy to install
  • Faucet adapter doesn’t work well

The long-lasting filter cartridges are the best feature of this mid-sized faucet water filter. The Waterdrop faucet filtration system is NSF certified to 42 criteria, ensuring that chlorine and other common pollutants such as rust, silt, and other particles get removed reliably. Another advantage of this gadget is the quickness it filters water; we spent very little time waiting for a water bottle to fill up. The Waterdrop WD-FC-01 is constructed primarily of plastic. Although the gadget looks to be sturdy and of excellent quality, the plastic construction does not promise well for the filter’s long-term reliability. Waterdrop did the best by designing the unit’s numerous components, from the detachable filter portion to the clearly defined directional control valve and handle.In our evaluation, the Waterdrop-WD-FC-01 displays good chlorine filtering ability. They push water substantially chlorinated, more than 10mg/l of chlorine, through the filter. In a beaker, the filtered water is gathered and examined. The Waterdrop-WD-FC-01 faucet filter is, with no hesitation, one with the most distinctive design out of all the ones when evaluated. It has two independent parts that get joined together using a side opening in the primary circular component. Probably the most challenging aspect of this filter is installation. The Waterdrop WD-FC-01 doesn’t need a rotating collar to attach to the faucet, competing with other tap water filters. Instead, it is with an adapter, which must be installed separately on the faucet before using a removable plastic circular ring at the top of the main body. Everyone likes the distinctive look, but many customers have trouble connecting the filter to the faucet. Only one filter in our database required us to read the user manual to implement it correctly. The 320-gallon filter should last roughly three months with typical use. Since there is no filter change indicator, you must keep track of the filter’s life and replace it as necessary. 

Finish type: White

Installation: Everything you need to install this filter is included in this package.

Warranty: Contact customer support for warranty information.

Compatibility: This faucet filter does not fit hand-held, pull-out, or spray-style faucets.

4. PUR Faucet Water Filtration System

PUR Faucet Water Filtration System
  • Easy to attach
  • Better filtration system
  • Great tasting of water
  • Easy operation
  • Plastic quality can be better

If you’re searching for a low-cost, easy-to-use faucet mount water filter, the PUR Plus FM2500V might be a good option. It has high chlorine filtering capabilities, is simple to use, and is straightforward to install and maintain. On the other hand, the low flow rate in filter mode might be an issue if you’re seeking a filter that can produce a high-pressure stream of clean water when you need it. The PUR Plus PFM3500V, which utilizes the same filter cartridge as this model, was also tested. As a result, we anticipated that their performance would be comparable from the start. And the outcomes are very similar: The PUR water tap filter is an outstanding chlorine filter.This filter has a unique “One-Click-Install” mechanism from PUR that makes installation incredibly straightforward. PUR FM2500V’s attachment to the faucet is less stable against faucet-mounted filters that employ a more conventional twist-lock process. A unique “One-Click-Install” solution is available for the PUR FM2500V. It consists of a faucet adapter that must turn on the tap head. Align the filter mounting port on the adapter once inserted, and then firmly press up. The adapter snaps and is held in place by latches on the mounting port. Although installation involves more steps than other faucet filters, they are easy to remove the filter housing for subsequent filter replacements. The filter will release if you simultaneously press the two white release buttons on either side of the mounting connector. Utilizing the FM2500V is simple. The user wants to understand how to manipulate the manifold valve handle, with the horizontal position representing the unfiltered mode and the vertical position representing the more filtering option. The filter replacement indication will flash every one to two months to remind you to change the filter. In our tests, the PUR Plus PFM350V did not leak.

Finish type: Stainless steel

Installation: This faucet filter can be easily installed and no tools are required

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty.

Compatibility: This faucet filter is not compatible with pull-out or hand-held faucet types.

5. Waterdrop Faucet Water Filter

Waterdrop Faucet Water Filter
  • High-efficiency filtration
  • Mineralization filtration media
  • Longer life and stable flow rate
  • Does not filter water efficiently

The Waterdrop WD-FC-6 is our top choice, having earned the distinction of highest performing faucet water filter in our study. The WD-FC-06 not only passed our chlorine filtration test with flying colors but also boasts the quickest filtration flow rate. The Waterdrop WD-FC-06 has performed admirably in chlorine filtration. When tested with our test media, which had a total chlorine measurement of 10 mg/L or higher, the device efficiently eliminated nearly all of the chlorine. The filtered sample water contained 0 mg/L of chlorine, suggesting near-perfect filtering efficiency. In our database, the Waterdrop-WD-FC-06 has the quickest filter flow rate. We measure the flow rate of our faucet at 2.2 GPM with the filter and faucet partially open.We calculated a 0.9 GPM decrease after the filter fit and put it into filter mode 1.3 to 2GPM. The WD-FC-06 is still ideal even if you got accustomed to utilizing high-flow faucets. With a polished metal exterior, Waterdrop has given this water filter a rich and luxurious appearance. The filter is known as having undergone flawless processing. None of the parts exhibit design or manufacturing flaws from the line valve through the mounting collar. Installing the swivel ring is as simple as slipping it over the male-threaded faucet that our test equipment uses and tightening it. Use the adapters included in the delivery scope if your faucet has an internal thread and cannot be mounted directly. Installing the swivel ring is as simple as slipping it over the male-threaded faucet that our test equipment uses and tightening it. You can use the adapters that came with the delivery if your faucet has an internal thread and cannot be mounted directly. In every test, the Waterdrop-WD-FC-6 exhibits zero leakage from the nozzles or the locking ring.

Finish type: Stainless steel

Installation: This faucet filter can be installed easily without any assistance.

Warranty: Contact customer support for warranty information.

Compatibility: This faucet filter does not fit hand-held, pull-out, or spray-style faucets.

6. PUR Plus Faucet Water Filtration System

PUR Plus Faucet Water Filtration System
  • Easy to attach
  • Efficient water filtration
  • LED light indicator
  • Water might leak in some cases

The PUR PLUS faucet filtration system makes it simple to receive healthier, better-tasting drinking water directly from the tap. With a single click, attach the gadget to the end of a faucet; no tools or knowledge are necessary for installation. The filter produces around 100 gallons of filtered water and lasts 2-3 months. After that, you must replace it with a new one, discarding the old one and replacing it with a new one. The PUR PLUS system’s internal filter is of activated carbon, a substance extensively utilized in modern water filters. It is NSF-approved to remove 99% of lead and minimize other toxins. So you can be confident to work as stated. It also has the MineralClear core from the manufacturer to give the water a fresher and new taste. It’s also comforting to know that this filter passed WQA testing and got approved by NSF/ANSI to meet Standards 401, 42, and 53. However, installation is simple in Pur Plus outlet sprayers, and faucets with integrated handles won’t operate with any faucet filter. Detach the aerator and screw on the appropriate adapter for conventional faucets without a spray head. To fit the various diameters and thread patterns of most aerators, Pur offers a wide range of adapters. Turn the housing lever one way to send water through the Pur Advanced Faucet Filter and out of a separate dispenser and the other way to send regular, unfiltered water out of the faucet. This design is helpful because many water filters can get harmed by hot water. If you want hot water to come out of the tap at temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, Pur filters should allow you to do so. The Pur filter tolerates heavy usage without any issues, such as leakage.

Finish type: Black

Installation: Without any tools, you can easily install this faucet filter.

Warranty: Contact customer support for warranty information.

Compatibility: This water filter is not suitable for pull-out or hand-held faucets.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Water Faucet Filters

The following are the factors you need to consider before buying the best faucet water filters for your sink.

1. Compatibility of faucet

Faucet compatibility is as important as a water filter’s capability to remove certain impurities. Ensure that your faucet is compatible with your filtration system before you make a purchase. Some sellers include adapters with their models so that you have the option to use the adapter in case of non-compatibility with the faucet.

2. Durable materials

A faucet filter with low quality requires more maintenance than one’s built with durable and good-quality components. When you spend a bit more money on higher-end products, it will save your money on maintenance in the future.

3. Warranty

Having a warranty for your product is important if you were to get a fault or damaged product. A warranty usually gives the user a money-back guarantee or replacement of the product if the product gets damaged. Even if you did not receive the product as it was advertised you can swap it for a replacement.

4. Installation

If your faucet filter is compatible with your faucet, the installation will just take a few minutes. Some brands suggest using Teflon tape to seal the faucet which is not a big deal and a good option too.

5. Flow rate

The standard water flow rate for a faucet filter is 0.5 GPM. It is more than enough for family use. The flow rate may decrease to 0.3 GPM if your filtration system applies more water through filtration. You don’t have to worry about that because if there is more time between water and filtration media, then more impurities will be removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the right time to replace the filter?

It will not always be clear when a filter has to be replaced. So, you can keep a record of how long you have used each filter. And with guidance from the filtration system’s manual, you can change at the right time. 3 months is the usual time period for changing the filter. But if your filter is either being used more than its intended level or has more contaminants then you may have to replace your filter before the suggested changing time.

2. What is the working mechanism of a faucet water filter?

When you open the tap, water flows from the faucet to the filter. The filter has a compartment in which there will be a cartridge inside. The water has to flow through the cartridge where all the contaminants will be removed based on the filter media. And when it leaves the system, the water will be all good and clean to drink.

3. Do the water filters really work?

Yes, they work. They filter out water contaminants like chlorine and lead. There are some advanced filters that are certified to remove pesticides, mercury, and more. Then your drinking water will come out of high quality.

4. What is the cost of faucet water filters?

The faucet water filters usually cost between $30 to $50. But depending on the brand and advanced features there are some products that cost more than $100.

5. Do the water filters have to be certified?

Though certifying with Water Quality Association isn’t a legal requirement, it is worth questioning if you come across a product that isn’t certified. A certification shows that a particular product has been tested independently to meet safety requirements. So it is important to consider the certification details.


Mounted faucet water filters are an easy-to-use and affordable way to get plenty of good healthy water in your kitchen comfort. But it shouldn’t be just any filter, it has to be the best.

Hope our article on the best faucet filter review will help you in selecting the right filter system for your kitchen. Make sure the product you choose meets all your requirements before you make a purchase. Write to us if you have any questions and we will get back to you soon.

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