Everything You Need to Know About Faucet & Kitchen Sink Warranty

The proximate factor that is considered before investing in a faucet and a sink is the product’s life. Damages and fault issues to the faucet and kitchen sink are inevitable parts of purchases. Damages may occur due to wear and tear, continuous usage, defects in manufacturing techniques, and defects in the materials used in the manufacture of the sink or faucet. All these issues can be dealt with effectively only if there is a warranty in place. Without a proper warranty, the buyer cannot replace or ask for a refund for the product.

This article is everything you need to know about the faucet and kitchen sink warranty. By the end of this article, you will possess a thorough knowledge of warranty and terms.

Faucet Warranty

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Warranty for faucets is usually applicable to the parts and finishes of the faucet. Damages or defects on the product are also usually covered in a faucet warranty. Material defects are also issued a warranty to reduce the chances of brand migration.

Kitchen Sink Warranty

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One of the widely used fixtures in the kitchen space is the kitchen sink. There are high chances of wear and tear, and also a reduction in the quality of texture as the sink faces frequent chemical interaction and temperature changes. A kitchen sink warranty usually covers the material and its properties for a time frame and any damages to the texture are also covered under a warranty.

Are Warranties Important?

Warranties are absolutely important as they give a sense of security for your purchase. A level of promise is given by the manufacturer to the buyer on the quality of the product only through these warranties. So, a customer needs to ensure the warranty at the time of purchase.

What Is Covered In A Faucet Warranty?

Handles, spout, and material defects are usually covered under a faucet warranty. A limited lifetime warranty is the most prominent form of warranty that covers specific parts, and certain forms of defects. Limited lifetime warranty varies from the manufacturer. It is not the same for all the products. In some cases, there occurs a difference between the product variants manufactured by the same manufacturer. The following factors are covered under the warranty

  • Material defects
  • Craftsmanship errors
  • Handle repairs within a time frame
  • Color and texture within a period

What Is Not Covered In A Faucet Warranty?

  • Damages caused by installation
  • Wear and tear
  • Damage caused by harsh cleaning agents

What Is Covered In A Sink Warranty?

A sink warranty covers any defects in the sinks caused by material errors and also any craftsmanship defects. The manufacturer will ensure that the buyer has installed the sink under prescribed conditions and that it is put to the level of usage as directed by the manufacturer.

What Is Not Covered In A Sink Warranty?

  • Damages while installation
  • Material defects due to improper cleaning
  • Wear and tear
  • Dents and scratches

How Can I Claim The Warranty?

  • The first step to be done is to gain a thorough understanding of the warranty description
  • Double-check if the issue faced by you is covered under the warranty
  • Contact the retailer from where you purchased the sink or faucet
  • If the retail seller directs you to the manufacturer, deal with the manufacturer directly
  • If not, you can get the details of the replacement or refund from the retailer
  • Once the retailer completes all the procedures from his side, he will initiate the refund process or the replacement procedures

What Is An Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty is a warranty purchased in addition to the already existing warranty by paying a certain amount of money. It is in the sole interest of the customer to invest in the extended warranty. An extended warranty may not cover all the listings as in the warranty at the time of purchase. So, make sure to check with the retailer or manufacturer about the terms and conditions of an extended warranty.

Warranty Vs Guarantee

A warranty is a condition where the manufacturer or the seller is held liable for defects in the product. The manufacturer is in a position to answer about the condition of the product if it is covered in the warranty terms and conditions. A price is paid along with the product that is not explicit and is covered in the price of the product.

A guarantee is an oral promise that is implied by the seller or manufacturer. The seller or the producer is not liable or cannot be held liable for the defects in the products. It is in the personal interest of the seller to replace or repair the products that are damaged or defective.

Common Warranty Terms

1. Limited lifetime warranty

A limited lifetime warranty is a warranty that usually covers certain parts or defects throughout their life. Limited lifetime warranty varies for products. It entirely depends on the interest of the manufacturer to include components. It has to be ensured at the time of purchase.

2. One-year warranty

A year warranty is usually for one year from the date of purchase. It is the normal time frame that is offered by most manufacturers. Parts, finish, and texture is the elements usually covered under warranty within a year for a faucet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I replace the entire faucet for damages in the handle?

It is practically impossible to ask for an entire replacement. However, if the model demands the faucet to be replaced entirely, the seller will do the needful. In other cases, only the handle of the faucet will be replaced

2. Can I claim the warranty for damages in shipping?

Damages in shipping can be taken to the notice of the retailer immediately. The buyer can deny acceptance of the product as it is the responsibility of the company to ship the products carefully. It is advisable to take pictures of the damages to prove your stand

3. Is it worth buying an extended warranty?

The worthiness of the warranty depends on the conditions of the extended warranty. Ensure to read the description of the extended warranty thoroughly before making the purchase


The quality of the product and the promise of the manufacturer can be clearly understood from the warranty offered by the producer. The warranty of both the retailer and manufacturer has to be clearly understood at the time of purchase of a faucet or a sink. Ensure to collect the warranty card handy or if it is being offered online, make sure to keep it safe and handy at all times. If you have questions regarding the warranty of a faucet or a kitchen sink, feel free to contact our team.

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