7 Reasons You Should Install a Touchless Faucet in Your Bathroom

A touchless faucet is an advanced version of the ordinary faucet that works in a modern way. It has a built-in sensor that works primarily for the faucet, simply indicating your hands near the spout the water starts to flow and turn off. This way you can avoid touching it with your messy or dirty hands. Kids and elders can use them without help by simply showing their hands near the sprout.

These faucets can be placed in any place like the kitchen, bathroom, hotel, public places, and your home space. It benefits you in many ways, especially in bathrooms. You needn’t handle the faucet with your slippery hands or soapy eyes, with just a simple wave, water will flow off.

We outreached to experts at Faucetsreviews.com to really know the benefits. We have discussed with their team and added the 7 best reasons to add a touchless faucet in your bathroom.

Benefits of Touchless Faucets in Your Bathroom

1. Improves hygiene

The standard function of this faucet is to flow water without the need of touching them. You don’t need to introduce your hands while bathing or to wash your dirty hands, it involves many germs and bacteria. On the same hand, the germs will transfer there, and a commonly used faucet can transfer more bacteria quickly. It affects your and also others’ hygiene. These faucets avoid those germs from touching, on waving your hand you can easily access them.

2. Saves water

If you are washing your hands you would take off from the faucet for soap or to rub your hands, most of them won’t close the tap until that and the water keeps running and gets wasted. These sensor taps give a low flow rate as the air gets contact with water. They usually work according to their fixed timing between 10 to 20 seconds and save up to 30% of water.

When you take off your hands immediately the flow of water stops and runs only when you again show your hands. Some of you may forget to close the faucet properly, and the water leaks the next time and goes wasted. Here there is no way of leakages.

Most of the time we would waste water only on toiletries. While brushing your teeth the water flows from the faucet throughout the process, this happens while washing your hands and also face. This all happens only with ordinary faucets but with a touchless faucet, you can save water throughout all your bathroom activities.

3. Safe and secured

As it’s touchless you may think it is unsafe as water flows in different temperatures and would harm your hands. You don’t have to be worried because these faucets offer a fixed temperature for mixing both hot and cold water. It is safe for kids and elderly people to handle without the fear of high-temperature water harming their hands. Also, it is convenient for you to continue your bath without pausing due to overheated waters.

4. Easy to clean

These are the modernized types that contain fewer movable parts than the usual ones. They can be cleaned and maintained easily, there are no handles or parts to get damaged and repaired. It is often constructed using high-quality materials like stainless steel and ceramic for keeping them free from troubles like corrosion and rust.

5. Accessibility and cost

They are designed as a user-friendly type. Anyone can use them without wasting water and causing trouble. Especially kids, seniors, and people with disabilities find it more beneficial. Sometimes they find it difficult to close them properly and they may also let their hands into hot water. These troubles are not faced by them with this faucet.

6. ADA compliance

ADA compliance is an American Disability Act for accessible design, it is sealed for products that give reliable, safe, and made of high-quality materials. It is applied to government and private entities for delivering a usable product for the disabled. If you check out any best bathroom faucets reviews, touchless will be on top of the list of ADA compliance.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Touchless Faucet For Bathroom

1. Sensors

Though they work much better than usual ones, their sensors sometimes fail to analyze hand motion. It is because those faucets are single motion sensors that may get stuck or fail anytime. So if you need these for your bathroom choose multiple censored faucets for efficient handling without disturbing the flow of water. It would also avoid accidentally turning on the water

2. Power source

Probably motion sensors are controlled and maintained using power sources like batteries, plug, and wired mode, solar power tables, and turbine powers. They can provide efficient performances through all these sources.

3. Material and finish

Prefer top brands as they will use quality materials not only for finish type and outer material but also for inner faucet parts for maintaining its performance, durability, and strength. You can also choose products with added things like LED lights, voice activation, and so on for enhancing its appearance and usage.

Final words

Touchless faucets are the modernized way of water usage and saving. Many of you will feel nervous to choose a new model and power-censored product as they would get repaired often and cost us more. There are many great touchless faucet brands that offer multiple sensors and top-quality materials to make the faucet last longer without replacement. Choose one among them to reduce water consumption and improve your convenience.

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