Best Rated Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Single bowl kitchen sinks are a great choice for small kitchens and they will be compact enough for you if you are not a serious cook. They will give you large space for washing big vessels and do not take up much countertop space. Apart from choosing the right kitchen faucets, there are many factors that have to be considered when it comes to choosing the best single bowl sink as it plays an important role in the kitchen and improves the outlook of the entire room. This article will assist you in choosing the best single bowl sinks, with a buying guide at the end. Read this article till the end to learn more about the products and pick the best one!

Reviews of the Best Single Bowl Sinks of 2023

1. Ruvati Undermount Single Bowl Sink

Ruvati Undermount Single Bowl Sink

Ruvati’s workstation sink is one of the best single bowl sinks designed with 16-gauge stainless steel. The lips on the sink are overhanging to slide the built-in accessories. This best single bowl undermount sink also comes with a wood cutting board, stainless steel colander, and a roll-up rack to dry dishes, which slides on the ledges to turn your sink into a workspace. The chromium/nickel finish provides a rust and stain-free sink for you. This sink is easier to clean and lasts longer than other competitive brands. To keep down the noise, this sink is designed with a heavy-duty sound guard undercoating and thick rubber padding. The water will be quickly drained as the bottom is sloppy in nature. Plus, the sharp edges give a modern, sleek look to the kitchen. 

Additional Information

  • Finish: Stainless steel
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Installation: Easy to install


  • Built-in ledges
  • Deep basket strainer
  • Workstation accessories include


  • Customer service could be better
Kraus Undermount Single Bowl Sink

The Kraus is one of the best single bowl kitchen sinks made of stainless steel that is corrosion and rust-resistant. This kitchen sink set includes a sink, a drain assembly, a protective bottom grid, and a kitchen towel. The commercial-grade stain finish is corrosion-resistant, strong, and easy to clean. It has extra padding that covers 80% of the sink, and to provide superior protection, there is a non-toxic undercoating. Overall, this is one of the best kitchen sink brands that comes with all the mounting hardware required for installation. 

Additional Information

  • Finish: Stainless steel
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty
  • Installation: Easy to install


  • Quiet kitchen sink
  • Protective undercoating
  • Easy to clean corners


  • May not be sloppy enough for the water to drain
Kraus Bellucci Workstation Single Bowl Sink

Kraus Belluci is one of the best kitchen sink brands with a built-in ledge that allows you to work over the sink directly. It saves space for you on the counter by doing everything from meal prep to final cleanup. This best single bowl sink includes a workstation sink, a heavy-duty cutting board, a dish drying rack, and a drain assembly with a strainer. The sink has a cutting-edge design with a smooth and non-porous surface. It is an impact-resistant sink that absorbs thermal shock. The benefit of the non-porous feature is that it prevents food from sticking to the sink. With mild soap and water, you can easily clean the sink. This is capable of holding large cookware as it is designed to be a spacious single bowl. On the whole, this is one of the best single bowl undermount sinks that give a clear transition from the countertop to the sink and you can easily wipe off the spills directly into the sink.

Additional Information

  • Finish: Metallic black
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty
  • Installation: It's easy to install on your own


  • A spacious single bowl
  • Roll-up dish drying rack
  • Perfect drainage
  • Undermount design


  • Sink color can be inconsistent
Bokaiya Single Bowl Drop-in Sink

Bokaiya is one of the best kitchen sink brands, designed with durable materials to last longer. For superior strength, the sink is built with dent-resistant stainless steel. This sink is easy to clean and will stay rust-resistant for a long time. You can slide the built-in accessories onto the overhanging lips on the front and back. This way, you can turn your sink into a workspace. You can cover your sink with a cutting board if you don’t want your dishes to be seen. The sink is too quiet because of the rubber noise reduction pads. The water flows in an X-shaped design inside the sink to avoid clogging. This best single bowl kitchen sink gives an aesthetic, modern look to the kitchen. 

Additional Information

  • Finish: Matte Black and Brushed Nickel
  • Warranty: Contact customer support for warranty details
  • Installation: It’s easy to install on your own


  • Solid cutting board
  • Deep capacity to hold larger bowls
  • Removable waste baskets


  • Sink is light in weight
Kingo Home Drop-in Kitchen Sink

Kingo Home is one of the best single bowl sinks designed with quality soundproofing to reduce noise. The stone guard undercoating prevents noise in the sink. This sink is finished to be corrosion-resistant with gently rounded corners and a drain to remove food waste. The extra deep bowl can hold large vessels inside the sink. Overall, this sink can definitely withstand years of heavy use. 

Additional Information

  • Finish: Stainless steel and black
  • Warranty: 3 years limited warranty
  • Installation: Easy to install


  • Sharp corners
  • X-cut for easy draining of water
  • Extra deep bowl


  • Draining could be better
Celaeno Single Bowl Undermount Sink

The Celaeno is one of the best single bowl undermount sinks made of top-grade stainless steel. It is built using innovative PVD techniques, which makes this one of stain and scratch-resistant sinks. The premium soundproof pad ensures there is no noise coming out of the sink. This sink is designed to hold large bowls, which gives you great convenience. No food particles stick on the sink, as the surface of the sink is non-porous. The sloppy bottom and X-design make everything in the sink drain faster. The sharp edges of the corners can also be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Overall, this is one of the best single bowls sinks you can install in your kitchen if you want a modern look.

Additional Information

  • Finish: Stainless steel
  • Warranty: Contact customer support for warranty details
  • Installation: This requires professional assistance


  • Sloped bottom
  • Faster drain
  • Deep sink
  • Four X grooves cut 


  • Customer support could be better
Blanco Single Bowl Sink

Blanco is one of the best kitchen sinks of 2023 designed to fit in a 30-inch kitchen cabinet. This sink is built to withstand high temperatures of up to 536F. The hygienic plus formula used in the sink safeguards against dirt and bacteria. Food striations and dirt are washed away from the non-porous surface while giving the natural stone’s touch. On the whole, this is one of the best kitchen sink brands that makes your everyday life easier. 

Additional Information

  • Finish: Anthracite, Biscuit, Cafe, Cinder, Coal Black, Concrete Gray, Metallic Gray, and Truffle
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty
  • Installation: It is easy to install on your own


  • Heat resistant
  • smooth and non-porous surface
  • Hygienic plus formula built


  • Water might not drain properly
Lonsince Undermount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Lonsince is one of the best single bowl undermount kitchen sinks made of granite for extreme durability and strength. This can be installed below the countertop, and it gives a beautiful outlook to the kitchen. This sink includes a sink drain strainer and a sink bottom. The granite kitchen sink is resistant to high temperatures, scratches, and stain-resistant. The food doesn’t settle down as the sink is inclined slightly. Its edges are sharp, and it gives a classy appearance and a convenient cleaning experience in the kitchen.

Additional Information

  • Finish: Black and White
  • Warranty: Contact customer support for warranty details
  • Installation: It’s easy to install on your own


  • Scratch resistant
  • Classy look
  • Sharp edges


  • No separate garbage disposal unit

Comparision Table of the Best Single Bowl Sinks

Brand name



Product Dimensions

Stainless steel


19"D x 32"W x 10"H

Stainless steel

Single bowl

19"D x 32"W x 10"H



19"D x 29"W x 10"H

Stainless steel


33”W x 22”D x 10”H

Stainless steel

Single bowl

33"L x 22"W x 9"D

Stainless steel


33"L x 21"W x 10"D



18"D x 30"W x 10"H

Stainless Steel, Granite


18"D x 31"W x 9"H

Buyer’s Guide to Purchase the Best Single Bowl Sinks

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing the best kitchen sink in 2023. But the following are certainly important ones that you must not overlook. 

1. Top-mount vs. Undermount

When replacing your kitchen sink, you will come across several types of kitchen sinks. Common among the types are top-mount and under-mount kitchen sinks. Depending on the countertop material, you can decide which type of kitchen sink you want. 

  • A top-mount sink is one of the most commonly preferred sink types as it goes with any countertop material and is easy to install. This sink is placed in an already cut hole on the countertop and is tightened with clips or screws. They are also less expensive when compared to the undermount sink types
  • An under-mount sink is mounted from under the counter. These types of sinks are generally installed on countertop materials such as granite. It is easy to clean and gives a sleek look to the kitchen

2. Size

The shape of the sink is determined by its size. If you are actually revamping the kitchen, you might be limited to the already existing space. The length, width, and depth are the three dimensions you need to measure when deciding to purchase a kitchen sink. The standard size for single bowl kitchen sinks starts at 22 inches and 48 inches for a double bowl or farmhouse-type kitchen sinks. The depth of a kitchen sink ranges from 8 to 10 inches, and the width is the same as the depth level.

3. Material

When it comes to materials, modern sinks have evolved and are available in a wide range of choices. Some of them include stainless steel, ceramic, stone, metals, and a variety of human-made materials. These are the most commonly used materials among the customers.

  • Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials as it is available at affordable prices and also gives an attractive look to the kitchen. It is light in weight, strong, cheap, and can go with any type of kitchen decor. The finishes available in stainless steel are shiny mirror finishes and satin lustrous looks
  • Granite and quartz are also popular, but they are extremely expensive. They are natural stones and give an appealing outlook to the kitchen. If they are not treated properly, they can crack or get scratched. They are hard to carry and require special installation, which adds up to your expense
  • Copper can be designed into a variety of other designs. It is antimicrobial and used for a smaller sink like those in a bar or island location
  • Concrete is one of the newest materials used for kitchen sinks, which can be poured in to form a custom shape and size. They are stain-resistant and might require special cabinetry

4. Color

The color of the sink is important as it decides the overall look of the kitchen. Stainless steel has been winning over this ever since it was introduced. Natural stones like granite and quartz give darker colors, which have also been preferred by many in recent years.

5. Installation

Choosing a kitchen sink can be easy, but you've got to keep some installation considerations in mind as many of them require professional mounting of the sink. Carefully consider the size if you are replacing the kitchen sink. Another important thing is the mounting holes that you need to fix your sink. Some come with separate holes for faucets, sprayers, drinking water, and soap dispensers. But some sinks will not have mounting holes. In that case, the faucet has to be mounted on the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to install a kitchen sink?

Installation depends on whether it is a sink replacement or rebuilding a new countertop. If you have a precut countertop, just disconnect the sink, waterline, nuts, and bolts and fix the new sink in the existing spot. If you are going to construct a new countertop, you might need professional assistance.

2. How to measure a kitchen sink?

In order to measure a kitchen sink, you need the length, width, and depth dimensions of the existing countertop. Gauge from the front end of the countertop to the end of the wall. This is the width your countertop will have for the sink.

3. How much does the best single bowl sink cost?

Generally, the cost of the sink depends on the brand and the materials used. Typically, a single bowl sink starts from $150 and may even go above $2100 depending on the brand.

4. Can a kitchen sink be replaced without replacing the countertop?

A kitchen sink can be replaced without getting new countertops. But you need to find a new sink that can be mounted on the existing cutout. An unusual cut can be hard to fit a sink on. If you have any doubts regarding the precut and the new sink installation, you can get help from a professional.

5. Which sink type is ideal for hard water?

If you have hard water, irrespective of the material, discoloration will occur over time. In addition to that, if your faucet drips often, the sink will get water spots, so you must fix water leaks right away.


Kitchen sinks with a single basin have several advantages and add to the aesthetic appeal of kitchens. They help reduce water usage, making them a wise financial choice. This kind of sink is a space-saver for compact kitchens. They are built from a range of materials, including granite and stainless steel. Browse around to get the ideal sink for you at the best possible price. Make sure the one you buy will serve your needs. We hope this article ‘best single bowl sinks' guides you in the search process. Drop us your questions in the comments box and we will get back to you soon.

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