How to Measure a Kitchen Sink?

The kitchen is one of the important places in our home where we spend half of our time cooking healthy food and cleaning. When you plan to upgrade your kitchen sink, it must fit into the old sink and cabinet space. If you want to know how to measure your kitchen space, it is easy and can be done in a few quick and simple steps. Through this article, we will help you measure your sink space for an ideal fit.

Things Required to Measure your Kitchen Sink

Taking the correct measurement of your kitchen and cabinet space is the first thing you should do. You need certain tools to take the measurement to avoid getting the wrong sink size.

How to Get the Measurements of an Old Sink?

1. Measure the sink’s depth

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You can learn how to accurately measure the depth of your sink with the aid of a ruler. Start by putting the ruler out across the sink’s top and bottom. Ensure that your new sink is neither deeper nor shallower than your previous sink.

2. Get the sink’s length

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The length of the sink starts from a point a little higher than the sink’s curve. To determine the size of the sink bay, extend the tape to the bottom.

3. Get the sink’s width

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To measure the breadth, raise the tape so it is just above the sink’s bottom. Next, extend the tape across it from side to side, stopping at the same spot on the opposite side.

4. Determine the lip’s width on a top mount sink

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In contrast to undermount sinks, top-mount, and drop-in sinks, they have a lip that runs from the sink’s basin onto the countertop. To measure the lip, detach the sink and turn it upside down. Measure the lip edge by laying your ruler flat up against the sink basin

5. Consider the cabinet’s opening width.

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Go underneath your sink to measure the width of the cabinet cutout. Gauge from the top left corner of your cabinet to the top right corner of the sink. A new sink that is wider than this dimension won’t fit.

How to Scale the Countertop Hole?

1. Remove the sink

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Have someone near you to unplug and remove the old sink so you can gauge the size of the hole it leaves on the countertop. Work carefully and do not scratch it. Your friend will be working above you while you are working beneath the sink.

2. Measure the length and width of your countertop hole.

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Measure the distance to the left edge of the hole by placing the end of the measuring tape against the hole’s right edge. The hole’s width can be measured from the front to the back.

3. Carry the measurements with you while purchasing a new sink.

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Compare your measurements to the basins in the store’s measurements. The sink’s measurements will be printed on its box. Ask a staff member for assistance if you need assistance locating the sink’s dimensions. It is normal for the basin to be a little bit smaller than the hole because the top mount basins lip sits on the counter. You need the dimensions to be accurate since under-mount sinks go into the holes in your countertops.

How to Get the Measurements of the Undermount Sink?

Undermount sinks do not come with lips like the top-mount sinks, so you should not expect to see one. Since the undermount style differs from other sink types, you must take that into account when replacing it. After you separate the sink from the countertop, take the proper measurements of it. Make sure there is enough room when lodging another faucet because it does not come off with the sink. Plus, make sure the kitchen faucet you plan to get will be compatible with the new sink.

How to Scale a Corner Sink?

Different types of measurements are needed when planning to fix an existing kitchen sink or install a new one. Make space on the countertop for the new sink and the pipes it will require. Getting precise measurements is important whether you are using a countertop or under sink filter. The steps below will show you how to measure a kitchen sink when you want to replace it.

  • To determine the available space, take a measurement from the wall to the counter end. A sink that is properly set should extend past the edge of the counter.
  • The sink’s edge should be where the tape is placed, horizontally from the distant end of the counter.
  • Document the dimensions exactly as it is indicated.
  • Measure the distance from the bottom of the sink to the floor by crawling under the counter.
  • You can determine the depth of the unused sink using this measurement.
  • Extend the tape from the area beneath the counter to the sink’s location, beginning from the closest pipe.
  • The result will tell you the tubing level to utilize while installing the latest sink.

While you don’t have to measure precisely, make sure the latest sink fills the space properly.

The Importance of Measuring your Kitchen Sink

It’s important to know how to measure a kitchen sink’s dimensions or create a replacement when the need arises. It’s also important to know how to measure a kitchen sink, even when repairing one for the first time. Incorrect measurements may result in buying the incorrect one, which makes installation difficult. Make sure the sink has adequate space and is the exact size for the countertop.


If you know how to measure your kitchen sink, changing it wouldn’t be a difficult task. With the help of a measuring tape, you can get the exact measurement of your sink, your countertop, and the pipes to be used. With the measurements you took, you can visit the local or online store whenever you want and get the right sink. Hope this article helps you with measuring the kitchen sink. Write to us if you have any doubts and we will get back to you soon.

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