How Much Does a Kitchen Faucet Cost?

Faucets are one of the essential fixtures in a kitchen. Be it constructing a new house or remodeling an old kitchen, faucets are one of the most proximate fixtures that need to be given attention. Cost of the kitchen faucets is a confusing phenomenon when you are looking to buy a kitchen faucet. This article is a thorough guide on the cost of kitchen faucets. By the end of this article, you will be able to possess a knowledge of the cost of kitchen faucets based on the types, materials, and finishes.

How Much Does a Kitchen Faucet Cost?

Kitchen faucets are manufactured using different materials and the price of these faucets varies according to the materials used in them. Various techniques are used to achieve the finishes of the faucets. Cost also varies depending on the finishes. There are types of kitchen faucets such as single-handle, double-handled, and three-handled faucets. The cost of the faucets will differ depending on the number of handles you choose.

Cost Of The Faucets Based On The Material

1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the widely used materials for making kitchen faucets. The properties of the material make it ideal for kitchen purposes. One of the ideal choices for the kitchen is stainless steel which has the natural property of rust and corrosion resistance. Also, faucets made of stainless steel are easy to maintain and they cost comparatively less than faucets made of other materials.

The cost of stainless steel kitchen faucets starts from $80. Expensive variants come with advanced features such as touchless technology, temperature control, etc., and may cost up to $800.

2. Brass

Arriving with a classy and modish look, the brass kitchen faucets are one-of-its-kind to achieve a contemporary look in the kitchen. It will suit all models of kitchen. It has the natural properties to fight against bacteria and germs thus keeping you and your families healthy.

The cost of a brass kitchen faucet costs around $100- $1000. Basic faucets without much advancement will cost less whereas advanced features such as touchless features will cost higher.

3. Zinc


One of the rarest metals that had been used to make kitchen faucets is now flourishing because of the techniques tried by manufacturers. Zinc has proved to be highly functional and also has the potential to accelerate the entire look of the kitchen and sink spaces

The cost of zinc kitchen faucets ranges from around $40- $100.

4. Plastic

Plastic Kitchen Faucet

Plastic is highly preferred among people as it is one of the most comfortable materials. The maintenance of plastic is comparatively simple and it is also affordable. Various patterns of plastic faucets are being designed by manufacturers as they are flexible for molding and structuring.

The cost of a plastic kitchen faucet starts from $20 and may range up to $50. Plastic faucets are affordable and more options are available for you to choose from.

5. Copper

Copper Faucet

An antique metal that is aesthetically pleasing and has the potential to accelerate the overall look of your kitchen space. Copper has a natural glowing property that will add an elegant touch. Copper faucets were not much used earlier but these days they are highly preferred because of their classy finish.

The cost of a copper sink starts from around $99. The high-end models will cost around $1000.

6. Bronze

Bronze Faucet

Recent development in manufacturing techniques has made producers try their hands with one of the rarest metals that had been used to make kitchen faucets. The metal loses its natural shine over time that was the main reason people prefer this faucet rarely. But a layer over the bronze was added to keep the shine.

The cost of a bronze faucet starts from $60. Advanced models with features will cost around $1300.

Cost Of The Faucet Based On The Handles

1. Single-handle faucet

GROHE 32298DC3 Zedra Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet

As the name explains, single-handle faucets come with one handle. If you are looking for a minimal look for your kitchen sink, single-handle faucets are the right pick. Single-handle faucets are designed with advanced techniques and advancements which causes the difference in prices.

The cost of single-handle faucets starts from $25. It will cost up to around $280.

2. Two-handle faucet

Peerless Tunbridge 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Double-handled faucets are the most preferred option as it is highly functional. If you are looking for a product option with features more than single-handle faucets, double-handled faucets will be the perfect choice for you. The two handles will give ample room for easier cleaning and will assist you in completing the task more quickly.

The cost of the two-handled faucets is slightly on the higher side than the single-handle faucets because of the additions. It starts from $35 and may cost up to $170.

Cost Based On The Advancements

Manufacturers have tried their hands at equipping the faucets with advanced technologies such as touchless, touch, temperature sensing, controlling through the application, voice-controlled, and battery-operated. If you are choosing a faucet based on advanced techniques, the cost will be more than the primary model faucets.

The cost of smart faucets starts from around $500. The maximum cost may go up to $800.

Things To Be Given Importance Before Cost

1. Suitability

The faucet should suit your lifestyle and needs. Also, it should meet all the satisfaction of the people using it. Investing in a product just for the looks that do not suit the needs will be a waste of money.

2. Finish

The faucet’s finish decides the overall look of the kitchen space. The finish of the faucet has the power to elevate or drop the ambiance of the kitchen. Also, the faucet’s finish will ease maintenance. Look for a finish that makes your task easier.

3. Color

The color of the faucet is also important. Faucets are brought into the market in various colors. Choose one that suits your kitchen pattern. It should also be fresh and new for a long period of time.

4. Warranty

Another important factor that needs to be given importance is the warranty of the product. Ensure to ask the retailer or the online seller for the warranty description. Each part of a faucet may have varied warranty policies. Make sure to possess a thorough knowledge of it before purchasing the product.

5. Installation

Installing the product should be easy. Make sure to get the manual along with the product. If you are finding it hard to install, ensure to get the assistance of a plumber as incorrect handling might lead to breakage or damage to the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are smart faucets worth the cost?

Smart kitchen faucets are one of the best options if you are looking to upgrade fixtures in your kitchen. It has the potential to make your tasks easier as these smart kitchen faucets can be controlled by voice, or through an application. It also helps to prevent the spread of germs which is the need of the hour.

2. Does kitchen faucets come with a warranty?

Kitchen faucets come with a warranty and it entirely depends on the manufacturer. Ensure to check the warranty for every single part as it varies for appliances.

3. Do I need to invest in a battery separately for smart faucets?

Smart faucets need a battery to operate. Most of these faucets arrive with a battery along with the package. Make sure to check if the battery is included. If it is not included in the package, make sure to purchase them separately.

4. Are expensive faucets durable?

Cost varies on the material used in making the faucets. The durability of the faucets depends on the materials used to make the faucets. Few materials wear out quickly as their natural properties can withstand only certain limits. Materials that are strong and long-lasting may charge higher.

5. How long does a faucet last?

A kitchen faucet lasts depending on the usage. It also depends on the wear and tear. Maintenance is another proximate factor that decides the life of the faucet.

6. Should I choose a faucet based on the brand or finish?

Branded products come with assurance. It is advisable to choose a product based on the brand but getting blindfolded and ending up with a product based on the brand that does not have any worth will end in chaos. So, be wise in choosing the product, you should also consider the faucet finish. Also, enquire about the latest brands and their products as new manufacturers are trying their hands on varied techniques that result in good products.


Cost is one of the heads that causes major confusion among buyers. We have furnished you with all the essential information relating to the cost. Hope our article has served its purpose. If you have any queries regarding the same, feel free to contact our team. We are working round the clock to enhance your purchasing experience.