Tips to Select the Best Sink Type for Your Kitchen

Be it washing vegetables or dishes or prepping your meal, the majority of chores are done in the sink. You can transform your entire kitchen by placing the right sink that suits you the best. So you must carefully select a sink type. From a sea of products and mindblowing features, it is really a tedious task for you to select one.

Our experts have put together a list of all the essentials that have to be considered when you choose a sink. Keep these points before you step into an online or a physical store to buy a sink.

How to Choose the Best Sink Type For Your Kitchen?

1. Choose The Right Material

Kitchen sink materials come in many different varieties. You have to consider the usage and your lifestyle before choosing a sink material. The most common variants include stainless steel, cast iron sinks, composite kitchen sinks, fireclay sinks, solid surface sinks, copper, brass, etc.

Minimal usage of sinks will keep up the shine for a longer period in some variants. If you are looking for a sink that will be put to utmost usage, then a highly durable material has to be selected. Few materials can be susceptible to scratches or dents. It has to choose our lifestyle as well. To get a detailed description of the materials used to build a sink, our team of experts has written an article on the best kitchen sink materials. Do give it a read to learn more.

2. Shape

Various options for sinks are available based on various features. One of the specifications that are in recent trends is the shape of a sink. Recent advancements in technology have made manufacturers try their hands at the shape of sinks. Earlier, only rectangular sinks were the most common shapes.

Now, circular, square and even triangular shapes exist. Innovations in the shapes of things attracted a huge amount of attention among sink buyers. If you are a person looking to make innovative updates in your kitchen, you can look out for sinks in different shapes that will add a perfect look to your entire kitchen.

3. Sink Strainer

Though it may sound simple, a strainer is the most important aspect of a sink. An underrated component of a sink that holds back all the solids from entering the sinkhole. It prevents water from clogging the sink. A strainer should be durable and free from rust and corrosion.

4. Mounting-Type

The kind of installation that is done for a sink is termed as the mounting type. Understanding the mounting type is vital as it decides the life of the sink and the kitchen space. A sink is not a fixture that can be easily altered or replaced. Thus it is important to gain knowledge of the mounting types. There are various types of mounting that include drop-in, undermount, farmhouse, and integrated sinks.

Drop-in sink

One of the most common variants of sinks is the drop-in or top-mount sink. It gels with the countertop and elevates the look. Anchors or clips have to be placed to lock the sink edges with the countertops. In some cases, a silicon paste is used instead of an anchor. You can also check our article on the best top mount kitchen sinks that are trending in the market.

Under mount sink

Undermount Kitchen Sink

Another common variant found in most kitchens is the under-mount sink. The sink gets attached to the bottom of the countertop offering a smooth and seamless look to your kitchen. Installation of the sink needs the assistance of a knowledgeable person. Under-mount sinks are usually screwed with the underside of the counterpart to give support to the sink and to hold weights. If you’re considering investing in one, do check our list of the best undermount sinks in the market.

Farmhouse sink

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

A wide and deep style of sink where the edges of the sink extend beyond the countertop. This variant of sink is one of the oldest yet most beautiful types of sinks. Make a bold statement by adding a farmhouse sink that will also allow more room for placing large utensils and pots. You can also take a look at our article on the best farmhouse kitchen sinks to make the best purchase.

Integrated sink

Integrated Kitchen Sink

As the name suggests, integrated sinks come together with the countertop. They cannot be separated from the countertop. They are processed along with the countertop. Separate installation of the sink is not necessary as it fits in the sink space when the countertop is installed. Integrated sinks are on the higher cost edge as they are processed using the same material used for countertops

5. Functionality

Premium variants of sink include a drying rack, colanders, and cutting pads along with the sink. It is advisable to chart out your work in the kitchen and decide if you are going to use the sink for all the pre-preparations or only to wash the dishes.

Here are some of the most common variants you can look for when you filter your choices.

Single-bowl kitchen sinks are a great option for small kitchens. You can also choose a single bowl sink if you are looking to install them in a corner space.

Single Bowl Sinks

A double-bowl kitchen sink is relatively large enough to hold more utensils and also offers room for advanced features. Many double bowl sinks allow you to install separate elements for drying your vessels and also for washing vegetables.

Double Basin/Bowl Sink

Few manufacturers have launched triple basins to maximize functionality. These sinks include two larger basins and a small basin. These triple basin sinks usually are big and take up more space in your kitchen.

6. Decor And Style

Sink that is chosen should be in accordance with the decor and style of your kitchen. A copper kitchen sink will be a perfect addition if your kitchen has a lot of dramatic components in place. A cast iron kitchen sink will be a good choice if you want a durable and stylish sink. If you are working on a color theme, stainless steel will not be a good option because it does not come in color variants.

If the kitchen sink doesn’t blend with the rest of your kitchen, it will spoil the entire look of your kitchen space. This might leave all the energy, time, and investment at loss. So, choose a sink that goes with your decor.

7. Dimension Factors

Dimension is the main consideration before you invest in a sink. If it is a new sink, you have open options to choose from. If it’s replacing a sink, you are left out with fewer options as the dimensions of the new sink have to be the same as the old sink.

Dimensions of the sink are important as they decide the usage. A wider and deeper sink fits in more vessels and offers room for more activities whereas a smaller sink can be used only for basic activities. You can look for the dimensions in the product manual when you are shopping offline. When you are looking for a sink over the internet, you can find the dimensions of the product in the detailed description.

8. Maintenance

You have to consider the maintenance of the sink before you choose one. All sinks are not easy to clean and maintain. Some options are easily prone to rust. Few sinks are not resistant to stains and oils. They take a lot of effort to clean and retain the original quality.

Many sinks need extra care and investment for their maintenance alone. For example, a copper sink is highly functional and equally attractive, its maintenance needs a little effort. Using heavy agents or acids causes damage to the surface of the sink. So be wise in choosing a sink type because cleaning them should not separately drain your energy.

9. Pricing

Cost should be the main header when you work on the list of sinks. If you are working on a budget, be careful to sort out the available sink types within the budget. Luxury options may be eye-catching but may cost you more than your budget. Also, a fancy sink may be less functional. Investing in the sinks just for looks might not be a good choice.


A smaller space with maximum usage that has to be given utmost importance is the sink. A sink is a place that is used very often by almost everyone in the household. It should suit the needs of everyone in the house. Since kitchen fixtures are not replaced very frequently, maximum care should be taken before you decide on a product.

Now that you know the factors to consider before investing in a sink, you can go ahead and buy one with full confidence. We hope our article has served the purpose well and has helped you choose the right kitchen fixture.

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