11 Types of Kitchen Sinks That Are Popular

A significant component of kitchen design or remodeling is selecting the right type of kitchen sink. While some options are purely aesthetic, others are more useful. Although each type of kitchen sink has its own advantages, the size, installation, and intended use of the sink will affect the style you choose.

No matter how you decide to update your sink, whether you’re completing your kitchen renovation or you’ve rediscovered your passion for cooking and need a more functional countertop, through this article we bring you the vast variety of kitchen sinks available in the market. We’ll help you make an informed decision about the entire sink setup in your kitchen. Continue reading to learn more.

Types of Kitchen Sinks in 2024

Let’s examine the different types of kitchen sinks.

1. Single Bowl Sinks

Single Bowl Sinks

Single bowl kitchen sinks are those that have just one sink that is mounted to the kitchen countertop. Because they are so simple to maintain, these kitchen sink types are ideal for small, confined kitchens. Your lovely kitchen has a more streamlined appearance thanks to single bowl sinks.

These types of sinks are recommended for households with smaller numbers of people since they are not suitable for multitasking, such as cleaning and cooking simultaneously. Single-mount kitchen sinks and in-counter sinks both fall under the general category of single-basin kitchen sinks. The basin of this style of sink is not divided.


  • Using a single, spacious basin is easier when cleaning large cookware, such as roasting pans and lobster pots
  • Large items like casseroles and cookie sheets can fit in a single basin without being crowded
  • Single basins are best suited for large homes with lots of occupants and active kitchens

2. Top-Mount Kitchen Sink

Top-Mount Kitchen Sink

The top-mount kitchen sink is the most popular type. Installing sinks involves drilling a hole in the counter material and using a template provided by the sink manufacturer. In general, these sinks are supported by their rims. Since the edge of the sink forms a rim, they are sometimes referred to as rimmed sinks or self-rimming sinks. Top-mount sinks are also called as drop-in sinks or overmount sinks.


  • Installation does not require any unique abilities
  • However, the majority of DIYers are capable of creating sink cutouts on solid surfaces and even laminate
  • The overall cost is not very high

3. Undermount Kitchen Sink

Undermount Kitchen Sink

Undermount kitchen sinks are set on the countertop and due to their simple installation and extra support, you can use almost any material, no matter how heavy. Typically, an undermount sink is topped with a countertop. This is a flexible option because it is simple to install and adds additional support, allowing you to use almost any material, regardless of how heavy.

These sinks create a seamless transition between the counter and sink when installed directly beneath the counter. As well as offering a modern aesthetic, these sinks are also easy to clean because debris can be pushed straight into the sink without getting stuck in the lip. Since sinks are typically installed with glue that adheres to the underside of the counter and the sink, it is important to take into account the weight of the sink you choose.


  • With the sink lip flush with the countertop, this sink has smooth lines that are ideal for contemporary kitchens
  • Crumbs can be wiped away directly into the sink since the lip is below the counter
  • Countertop space will extend to the edge of the sink if you use an undermount sink

4. Double Basin/Bowl Sink

Double Basin/Bowl Sink

Apart from using double basin kitchen sinks for washing and rinsing, these sinks can simply a many everyday kitchen tasks. It is possible to wash, rinse, and drain a double basin sink at the same time, which makes them incredibly versatile. And if there is more than one cook in the kitchen, you need not worry about space conflicts.


  • Flexible and multifunctional sinks
  • Excellent addition for a contemporary kitchen space
  • Comes in a variety of materials such as granite and fireclay

5. Cast Iron Sink

Cast iron kitchen sink

These days many homeowners are drawn to cast iron kitchen sinks because they have a glossy white finish due to the porcelain enamel coating that is sprayed on them. Compared to other sinks, cast iron sinks are typically heavier and more robust. Abrasive cleaners should not be used on these sinks because they will damage the enamel finish. Additionally, you should exercise caution when washing dishes because this sink’s hardness has the potential to easily chip your flatware.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Will retain heat if you’re tired of the water cooling off midway through dishwashing
  • When properly maintained, cast iron sinks are resistant to dents and cracks and will last a very long time

6. Farmhouse or Apron Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse kitchen sinks also known as country sinks were used by families in those days as a single place to do all types of washings such as doing the dishes, washing clothes, and even bathing kids. These sinks which were a necessity in those days are again finding their way back to modern homes.


  • Sleek aesthetics
  • Comes in a variety of materials such as enameled cast iron to fireclay
  • Excellent durability
  • Amply size of the sink makes cooking and food prep easy

7. Bar Sinks

Bar Sinks

Bar sinks are also known as island sinks or prep sinks. They are more shallow in design than the regular type of kitchen sink. Since they are small than the traditional sink, they do not take up much space. Meal prep and cleanup are a breeze in such types of kitchens which is why they are quite famous.


  • Shape is round or square and usually made of copper or stainless steel
  • More safe and convenient
  • Productive option when multiple people work together on a daily basis

8. Integrated Kitchen Sink

Integrated Kitchen Sink

An integrated kitchen sink is unmatched if you’re looking for a specially-made choice that can act as a statement piece in your kitchen. It is a sink and countertop that is made of the same material, often in one piece, giving them a sleek and seamless appearance.

However, compared to other kitchen sink styles, this style of sink can be very pricey. Since integrated sinks are essentially basins that are already part of your countertop, they might come at a significant additional cost when made of some materials, like marble.


  • Drop-in sinks’ tendency to overlap the countertop is eliminated with integrated sinks, giving them a more streamlined, minimalist appearance
  • Since there are no caulked edges or seals, the design is almost maintenance-free and only needs a light cleaning
  • Material, size, and shape of this sink will be entirely unique to your house; you will choose them

9. Workstation or Drainboard Kitchen Sinks

Workstation Kitchen sink

Workstation kitchen sinks are typically made of stainless steel and have an attached apron (the drainboard) that enables water to drain right into the sink. These sinks are a great choice if you enjoy cooking because they designate a specific area of your counter for food preparation. Since it allows excess water to drain into the sink, the drainboard also serves as a place to dry dishes and other kitchenware. By not using your dishwasher to wash and dry dishes, this technique leaves your counters cleaner and uses less energy.


  • Countertop drying racks are obsolete in favor of built-in drainboards
  • Dry plates shouldn’t have their own basin
  • Countertop drying racks are obsolete in favor of built-in drainboards

10. Low Divider Kitchen Sink

Low Divider Kitchen Sink

Low divide kitchen sinks come with two basins that are similar to dual basin sinks. The top part of the divide is shorter than the entire sink which gives extra space to wash dishes that will be hard to fit in a normal or a double sink,


  • Innovative space-saving solution
  • Washing oversized dishes is easy
  • Get the space of a large basin sink and still get a divider to separate dishes

11. Rounded Corner Kitchen Sinks

Rounded Corner Kitchen Sinks

Rounded corner kitchen sinks blend with the natural curvature of the sink and give a rustic plus traditional look. This sink maximizes the functionality of your kitchen as it’ll also come with additional accessories that will glide on integrated tracks. Installing corner sinks is expensive and challenging. Since most counters are seamed at the corners, installing such a sink will require custom cuts in the counter.


  • Easy to maintain and perfect water drainage
  • Comes in materials such as stainless steel
  • Efficient space utility

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of sink is easy to clean?

Among all the kitchen sink material options, stainless steel sinks come in first place for being the easiest to keep clean. To avoid water stains, just make sure to wipe it dry after each use. It is perfect because it has no pores. No amount of grime or dirt can penetrate it. The right cleaner can be used to buff off any scratches as well. Your stainless steel sink can be quickly and easily sterilized using hot water to kill germs and bacteria when you need to sanitize it. Due to its resistance to rust, you won’t have to worry about dirt and grimes.

2. What kind of kitchen sink is the most resilient?

Longevity is related to durability. It is safe to say that pure granite stone is the toughest material among all those used to make kitchen sinks and will last you for many years. It will function at its peak with proper handling and routine sealing. Due to its glossy finish, it never rusts and is free of dirt and stains. Additionally, it is extremely durable and heat-resistant. However, stainless steel is for you if your budget is a concern. It is non-porous, does not rust, and can withstand heavy use.

3. What are the newest kitchen sink trends?

As time passes, trends also change. However, experts made a few recommendations for the newest trends for 2024 that you might also want to use in your homes. Sinks for workstations are currently very fashionable and modern. Workstation sinks are those with removable accessories like cutting boards, strainers, and colanders. Particularly among mothers and homeowners with compact kitchens, this is practically desired. Although apron front sinks have always been a classic design, their textured front has made them fashionable in recent years. Some sinks have a matte finish, while others have a wavy texture that is inspired by the coast. The only reason a kitchen is so appealing in today’s trendy times is that it has that feeling of being natural and organic.


The best kitchen sinks will improve the aesthetics of the room as well as make cooking simpler and more convenient for you. When remodeling your kitchen, take your primary needs into account no matter what material you select. Before settling on a kitchen sink, think about your cleaning requirements, cooking preferences, available counter space, design preferences, and spending limit. You can choose the sink that best suits you and your way of life by using these important considerations. These pointers will assist you in choosing the best sink for your needs, whether you’re remodeling your entire kitchen or just replacing your sink.

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